UFO Alien Invasion


Protect the Earth against the alien menace


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It is year 2084 and aliens have given signals of life for fist time and their intentions are not good.

UFO Alien Invasion is an Sci-Fi game where strategy is fundamental to beat the alien menace and where you will fight in turns. Yes, you have heard this name other times, it is based on the old X-Com sage. UFO Alien Invasion is divided into two main game modes: geoscape and tactical. The first one allows you to stock your bases with troops and armory; investigate new technologies and manage the money and accounts.

In the second, you will go into action and fight versus the enemy in several scenarios full of aliens. Your goal, of course, is to win the battle, but you have to be a good strategist and admin the material and economic resources in this difficult battle.
By Álvaro Toledo
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